Larimer County Fair Board and Exec. Officers

Frank Marino, Tom Baldwin, Gil Barela, Gary Sampson, Leslie Snow, Letricia Parker, Arlene Amundson, David Kauffman, Laurel Kubin, Commissioner Steve Johnson, Steve Humann, Ken Mannon, Gabriel Garcia, Julie Melbye

The Larimer County Fair Board consists of a board of volunteers dedicated to planning and running the Larimer County Fair and Rodeo. We adhere to the mission statement of the Larimer County Fair & Rodeo:

  • Providing a unique, quality experience
  • Honoring the diverse heritage of the Northern Front Range
  • Promoting a sense of community
  • Educating and entertaining
  • Conducting a safe and comfortable environment
  • Providing a showcase for 4-H and residents of Northern Colorado

The Fair Board, along with The Ranch staff and Extension Office staff meet monthly, year-round to plan and implement the Larimer County Fair and Rodeo.

The Ranch Staff
Richard Rule, Mary Starck, Colton Waters, Liz Jack, Bob Holt, Rachel Befort, Abby Powell, Kaitlin Sorensen, Erin Rome, Bob Herrfeldt, Mark Tinklenberg, Brad Torblaa, Chris Southwick, Diana Frick, Don Duke, Katie Buttermore, Jack Shafer, Alissa Cunningham, Caitlin Reale, Casandra Bossingham, Ethan Dayton, Eric Smith, Dana Drake, Samantha Simmons, Forrest Georgen, Keith Kilen, Tom Manning, Sam Simmons, Dan Triemert

Spectra Food Services & Hospitality
Phil Hossler, Donna Frank, Katie Dunn, Kathy Lutheran, Lori Hunnicutt, Barb O’Malley-Wikstrom